Monday, November 22, 2004

Guests, Shopping and Turkey Day Preparations

Guests, Shopping and Turkey Day Preparations

Today's little fish are brought to you by the letter "W".

The days are busy and long, I am actually getting behind on my daily drawings because of the approaching holidays and company. I am enjoying my company and the second group arrives tomorrow but it makes me a bit frustrated in the art area that I get behind. I know, I know, it is important to enjoy life and that means living in the minute. Honestly I am trying. Yesterday my friend Jamie and I went shopping. I mean real shopping as in we were gone for hours. It was fun and I feel like I caught up on what's new and in style. Lol, I am usually not much for going shopping so I've been a little behind in the style department.
After shopping we had a wonderful Chinese dinner, we met the guys at the restaurant in town then came home to eat the birthday cake that Holly had made for Paul.

Today our friends have gone shopping for a new pick-up but will be back this evening. In the mean time I am going to be working on pre-Thanksgiving organization. Oh and I also have to run out and get a mammogram that's been scheduled for months. I HATE those darn things!!!!!!
Do you remember when I posted pictures of the Wilkenson Ranch a few months ago? That lovely ranch that is near McDermott, Nevada? Well the friends that are visiting are the ranchers that own that ranch. They are a wonderful "odd" couple, he is a gritty, incredibly hard working rancher and Team Roper and she is a stylish, flashy city slicker kind of gal. Err.... when she gets to the city. They are wonderful house guests and we are enjoying them thoroughly. Tanner is just spell bound by this gritty and handsome cowboy, he just can't get enough of Nic and doesn't want to wear anything besides his wranglers and cowboy boots so he can look like him. It's fun and Nic and Jamie are good people and good role models for a little kid.

I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor, my house is all spiffy and that helps me to be relaxed before the holiday.
So anyway, how are you guys doing, ready for Turkey day?


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