Saturday, November 27, 2004

Snow and the Number 2!

Snow and the Number 2!

Today's drawing is brought to you by the number 2! She's thinking, dang!, if I were another number I wouldn't have a pointy nose.....maybe I'd be beautiful.

Hey it's Snowing!!!!! I love snow! It's not much but maybe it will keep up and blanket the ground and cover all the brown-ness.

Today my sister and niece and I are working on mosaics. We went to town yesterday and got some supplies and started our design work last evening. Today we have the whole day to work on them and I am looking forward to it. I've had so much fun having family around, working on art, having lots of good food to eat and not needing to cook. This is my idea of a really great time.

Right now I'm getting this posted while everyone else is in bed because it seems rude to be on the computer too much when you have company, don't you think?

I've GOT to get a little time in this morning on this house, things get so messy so fast when there are lots of extra people and I feel better when it's a bit tidy-er.
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