Saturday, December 11, 2004

The Cards, the Drawing, the Party

The Cards, the Drawing, the Party

Hey it's Saturday morning and it's almost 9 am, I just got up! This is really, really late for me but we were up until 1:30 this morning because the NFR was on so late.
Actually I watched very little because I was drawing and also working on the cards. I have an HP 7550 Photosmart printer and I've been using it to print the cards, it is very, very slow. I'm also putting that pretty Crystal glitter on each one, oh yea, it's a pretty big project at least for doing one's Christmas cards. I'm doing 50 with the glitter. I've got them all printed and about 31 have been glittered so I'm almost done!

Oh, you want today's drawing? Here you go then:

Tonight is the Christmas party for the company Paul works for, Holland Realty. It's a really nice party at the Crane Creek Country Club and we go every year. I'm wearing a purple velvet lounge type pant outfit. I wore it last year too, it's very pretty and comfortable and still dressy enough for the party so I'm happy to wear it again.

It is my goal to get a Christmas tree up this weekend but I want to have my cards mostly done and my house clean first so I'd better get with it.
Ewww, I'm really hungry when I get up so late in the morning.


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