Thursday, December 30, 2004

Chalupa, Tamales, Drawings

Chalupa, Tamales, Drawings

I guess this drawing is self explanatory, another of the drawings born out of distress.

Last night after all of the other stuff of the day was finally finished we sat down and watched Return of the King and I did my drawing. It was a pleasant evening with harmony all around. I love that, when we can get on sweats and warm foot wear and feel free to relax like that.

Today I have a huge pot of Chalupa in my roaster oven, the house is filled with strong garlic and Mexican spice aroma, it's wonderful. I had made Chalupa on the 18th but it got eaten right away and I wanted to have some put away in the freezer so I had to do a re-run. The family is real happy that there will be a nice hot and yummy dinner ready this evening.

Today my plan is to do more drawing, I started my daily drawings in late January of 2004 but I'd really like to finish on the last day of the year so I need to get some extras done and as you know, the time is almost here. Hmmm, I guess it's time to count them and see how many more I need.

Ok, so I'm feeling relaxed and expecting kind of a nice laid back day. How about you?

Any plans for New Year's Eve?

We have a party to go to that sounds fun, it's a tamale making, game playing, celebrating kind of party. Tanner will have kids to play with too, it's a family thing. I'm hoping that it snows today and tomorrow so we'll have a white blanket of snow to represent the clean slate of the new year, wouldn't that be great? The weather report says it could snow today and tomorrow so there is some hope here.

Ok, I'm off to find out how many drawings I need to complete my project, see ya later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi -looks good both the art and the words...
'em don't know what we are having for dinner yet... but yours sounds lovely...
right now it is very quiet here in MD & I'll take it :) today the most noise i want is a good cd
happy new year! patty

8:22 AM  

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