Thursday, December 09, 2004

Feeling so Dorky!

Feeling so Dorky!

Good Morning!

Today's drawing is of course another attempt to get the holiday spirit moving. I think the drawing reflects my actual feelings quite well.

Every morning I have a few pills to take, I take them right when I get up so I won't forget. I also get Tanner's Concerta (time released Ritalin) out and set it out with water for him to take when he comes into the kitchen for breakfast. Have you guessed it? I took Tanner's pill this morning, eek, I was just on auto drive with pill and water in hand and didn't even think about what I was doing. Now I'm feeling real dorky. I did this once 20 years ago with Daniels pill.
So I'll either be revved up today or if I tend to be A.D.D. myself I will be real focused today. I am kind of curious to see which way it a
effects me.

Yesterday I spent hours on my Christmas card design. I've never learned how to use Photo Shop before and wanted to make some changes to my drawing so I was bumbling around a lot. I did come up with a final idea (pretty sure) so I'll probably print some up today.

I had planned on a day out today but I'm behind on this project and besides it's another rainy day and I feel like staying home.

This is the last day to have the neighbor's boy here in the morning. It's been fine, he's no trouble but tomorrow we'll probably sleep in a little just because we can. We've been staying up late watching the National Finals Rodeo which lasts till after midnight.

Got to go get the boys on the bus, cya.


Blogger Leanne said...

You know I can totally relate to this one. I'm her. I've been her for over a week!! Draw her smilin for me would ya? ;P

7:13 AM  

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