Thursday, December 02, 2004

Laying Low

Laying Low

Today's drawing is brought to you by the number 7.

Yesterday both Paul and I felt like we were coming down with some kind of sickness so today we plan to lay kind of low and try and ward it off. Being sick is such a time waster and lord knows I'm already good at that.

Tanner has quite a cough, I sent him to school anyway but I won't be surprised if he's home tomorrow. He's not seeming sick in any other way, has plenty of energy and all, it's just that nasty cough. Why does cough medicine taste so incredibly awful? Poor kid just gags and wretches when he has to take it. I think I'll see if I can find something in swallowable pill form to give him tonight.

I am unmotivated to do the housework or anything today and yet I feel pressure because Christmas is coming. I like to have the house clean and my space organized before I put up a tree and I like to have a real good plan before I go shopping. Oh well, I'll probably procrastinate another day since I'm feeling this way.

I know, boring post. I'll shut up now and see what my friends are doing instead of talking about what I am not doing.


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