Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Let's hear it for the number 6~

Let's hear it for the number 6~

Today's drawing, pathetic looking as the little girl is, brought to you by the letter 6!

Normally on Tuesday evenings Tanner goes roping with Paul and Dan and Holly and I go to a Contemplative Group for the evening. Last night however, as I was on my way to my group Holly called from downtown and needed me to come get her because her car had gotten a flat. On the way it started snowing, it snowed the whole time we were holed up in a coffee shop (The Flying M) while we waited for a guy to come fix her car. It was so beautiful sitting sipping a mocha and watching the snow fall down town! Well, we live about 15 to 20 miles from the down town area but the roads were so slick coming home (and Holly had one of those little donut tires on her car) that it took us a full 1 hour and 15 minutes to get home! Whew! Today the roads are still very icy.

I will be doing housework today, man or man does a house get trashed when you have company for 11 days! I'll feel great when it's done and maybe even get in the mood to put up our tree in a day or two!

Gotta run.....


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