Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas to All

Merry Christmas to All

Today's drawing and a greeting for all of you:

So the day is upon us and I hope as you all are busy with preparations that your thoughts will be filled with great memories from Christmas' past and that this very Christmas of 2004 will become one of the ones remembered fondly for all the right reasons!

I'm pretty well prepared but I do have to go out again today. I bought a present for a Child on the Angel Tree which is a ministry of the Salvation Army and now that the present is wrapped it must be taken to a drop off place, I also need eggs and a couple of other things. After that it will just be a matter of getting things organized for Dinner and that's it!

No snow today me thinks, right now it's very cold (20's) and bright sunshine streaming in, it is lovely even if it's not snowing. I may not be back today and I suspect most of us won't be, I hope your next 2 days are just perfect!


Blogger rowena said...

I love your illustration!!

7:42 PM  

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