Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Nose to the grindstone

Nose to the grindstone

Another break from the Christmas theme, I think this one was started with a squiggle, can't remember. She's very prissy and into herself, can you tell?

I've got way to much to do this week and last night didn't sleep well so I'm dragging my backside today. We are having a little Christmas get-together on Saturday night and that is what is making me busier than usual. I'm planning on a low key, simple evening of visiting with a few (4 couples) friends. We are going to have black bean Chalupa which is simple and yummy and casual as well. (want the recipe?)
I've rearranged my dining area and living room to accommodate the Christmas decorations and I really like it. It's a relief to have the tree up and shining. I did all green lights and it's real pretty, I'll try and get a good picture.
There are no presents under the tree, I've done no shopping yet, EEK! I think today I will have to run to Costco though so maybe I'll come back with at least one present to wrap and drive Tanner crazy with :-)

Time to get a move on here. I'm not getting a chance to enjoy LJ these days, I'm neglecting my friends but I'll be back when I can.


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