Friday, December 17, 2004

A quiet day- yippee!

A quiet day- yippee!

Today's drawing is a commissioned piece. A friend of mine had me do 3 of the drawings, one for each of her best friends to be given them as Christmas gifts. She gave me information about the color of hair each gal had and about the relationship she had with each one. This particular one is her best friend, the kind of friend that provides wise counsel, is always comfortable and although they live in different states, there seems to be no distance between them. She gave me no idea about what her friends actually look like so my images are just symbols of the relationships.

Today I will be preparing in earnest for our get together tomorrow night, just housework, some baking and stuff. Actually it will be kind of fun. I bought lots of candles so I can pretty much leave all the lights off besides the Christmas tree and try to have a nice cozy atmosphere. The house does look nice with it's holiday decor.

Yesterday my mom and I went to a coffee shop near her house that is really swell. It's in an old arts and crafts style home and almost all the walls are lined with books and art, the floors are hard wood, there are small tables and chairs as well as soft, comfy sofas and chairs. There are several small rooms and all have a nice cozy feel.
The place is called, The Library. I didn't take pictures, maybe next time. My mom and I just enjoyed sipping our drinks and talking for a long time, it was nice.

Hopefully today I will find time to come back to my computer and check in on my friends here.


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