Saturday, December 25, 2004

This is how I'm feeling

This is how I'm feeling

I'm feeling way to fat! Stuffed, arg! Like this lady:

Christmas is pretty much over for us, we opened all the presents last night and today Tanner has gone to be with his mom for a few hours. It was nice.
We also went to a sweet candlelight service where Holly read the Christmas story and we sang wonderful Christmas songs and a woman painted throughout the service. She had done an underpainting of many different people's faces with all different expressions as they looked at the Christ child. When the service started it looked like just a canvas of maroon paint but she used the pentimento method and gradually removed paint to reveal the faces leaving the center of the canvas covered until later when she revealed the Christ child there, the reason for the varied expressions. It was quite effective and I admire her courage to do such a project. Tanner loved getting to hold a burning candle during the end of the service!

I had set my oven for time bake so our meal was pretty much ready when we got home and all the food turned out delicious. Better than that, we had great conversation during dinner, I always love that.
Afterward we opened presents, of course Tanner had the biggest pile and he seemed to have fun and be truly grateful for what he received. He had carefully picked out gifts for everyone else too and was very proud to pass them out and see us open them. As I tucked him in last night he said, " Thank you so much for all my presents Nanny, I love everything I got". Of course we had gotten lots of hugs of gratitude earlier but I felt like it was nice that he was feeling reflective and had a good attitude before he went to sleep.

So now, we are about ready to go pick him up from his moms. I had thought he would be there longer but as it turns out he'll be here most of the day so I probably won't get to work on next year's card all day as planned. Oh well, if I get a good start on it I'll try to be ok with that.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

(It's so weird, I'm actually in the mood to go shopping... huh?)


Blogger Moira said...

Hi Sheila! I was googling and then I saw your blog. I loved your drawings, they are wonderful. Why aren't you drawing now?

8:19 PM  

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