Tuesday, January 04, 2005

After 29 years, she's leaving

After 29 years, she's leaving

Today's drawing is about Holly and I. No, this is not what we look like, thank goodness, it's symbols of the two of us. (as well as other symbolism) Even for the 5 years that Holly was married she lived close and we spent plenty of time together. I've been with her through all the illness these last years and of course she and I have been the best of friends. We have a silly little ritual that we do, we flare our nostrils, place our fingertips together and say together, "bondo". We look into each others eyes and don't smile during this ritual (well, were not supposed to) because we are by-passing emotion for logic, kind of like Spock. We've been doing this silly thing for years and I guess to us it's a symbol of our relationship being close enough to be goofy. Anyway, all that to say we are involved in the ritual of "escalation" in my little drawing. I can't remember why we call it that :-/

All right you guys can all say it in unison, Sheila is absolutely nuts!

Today will be the last "Holly and Sheila day" before she goes, Elton will be back, she'll be real busy and saying goodbye to lots of friends after today. So today we'll be together doing mother/daughter things, I'm not sure what yet.

I should say that we are all feeling sad about Holly's leaving, Tanner, Paul, Dan, all of us. I should also say that we are thrilled that she has this wonderful opportunity and wouldn't want to keep her here for our sakes, it's just a bittersweet part of life.
So, off I go to prepare for the day!

(Just in case someone doesn't know what this is all about, Holly is leaving for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on or around the 20th of this month.)


Blogger sojourning crow said...

your art seems very heartfelt and I enjoyed looking at it. the use of color brings out the emotion. it is nice to look at and communicates many different and subtle things.

8:53 AM  

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