Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Cost of Framing Artwork

The Cost of Framing Artwork

I'm not actually feeling this sad today, but this is one of the series of drawings expressing how I feel about my daughter leaving for Chicago in 11 days.
Yes, I've been counting the days.

Yesterday I took 5 abstracts in to be framed, 2 will require oversized mats and 2 will require plexi instead of glass and my friend is giving me a nice discount and it's still costing $1200 buck! EEK! Now this friend does a superb job of framing, all will be acid free and guaranteed but I sure hope I sell some things at the show in February so that I can afford to frame things for May. I choose simple black molding and double white (or shades of white) mats and I know the work will look wonderful when it's all hung in the gallery. For 2 pieces I had them done with plexi because they are to be my entries for this years Idaho Watercolor Society annual show. When I had more money I used to frame everything with plexi, I prefer it for the lightness of weight and because it doesn't pose the risk of breaking like glass does, oh well. I also used to be able to buy it very inexpensively from a local manufacturer but they went out of business a couple of years ago.

Because of the expense of framing, I'm considering doing mostly mosaics for my show in May, maybe even 3 dimensional ones. Still pondering that.


Blogger Leontine said...

I posted this on the Illustration Friday forums as well, but you should check out some of the online framing sites, like They're very reasonable, and they do everything in Plexi. Basically, they cut the mats and frames and plexi and send everything to you; you have to assemble it, but you save a lot of money.

I still love your art.

11:07 AM  

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