Saturday, January 08, 2005



Good morning! Is everyone ready for a lovely weekend? I feel like this last week flew by and I didn't really accomplish that much and now here it is the weekend and I'm not sure how it will play out. That sounds like I need to take control and make some decisions I guess. This is how I've been, just taking care of the necessities and not really making a plan. I think I'm in this hold pattern because Holly will be leaving in about 12 days and I'm thinking after she's gone I'll get organized :-/

Oh well. And today is my mom's birthday. I saw her yesterday for a little while, we had coffee and gabbed but I want to do something nice for her and I don't know what? Oh and my framing friend said that I need to get my paintings for my show in to her asap because they may have to go out of town for a funeral and need to know what's up with my frame job. So I guess I'll live the weekend by the tyranny of the urgent.....


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