Friday, January 07, 2005

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Today is Illustration Friday and the theme is disaster relief, this is my submission. Since I can't go myself to help the tsunami victims I pray that God would go with the people that do, that there would be special help sent, generous hearts and great compassion to love and sacrifice for those who have lost so much. Prayer and Compassion!

In other news, Tanner's cough has turned into that kind of choking cough that makes sleep difficult, we were up again in the night in spite of the medicine, bleh. Poor little guy will be sore today I'm sure because he did so much coughing. It's weird too, because he really doesn't cough that much in the daytime.

Also, today is art day in his class. I am taking him to school late since he's not sick in any way besides the cough. After that I'm going to have coffee with my mom because I miss her, I haven't gotten together with her in weeks. Then off to school again to help with the art project. I'm glad it's Friday so Tanner can rest more this weekend.

Wish I didn't have to run this morning, I'm tired too.


Blogger Joe said...

Great post! Love your drawing! Have a good weekend!

7:54 PM  

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