Thursday, January 27, 2005

Good News from Holly

Good News from Holly

This is another interpretation about meditation and contemplation. The whole concept is not at all easy for me. Oh, I understand it all right and I know that I need to implement the practice in my life, I'm trying. I find that my natural way of moving thru life is the disorganized, frustrating way of turbulent water- I keep it stirred up all the time emotionally and busy-wise. When I do take the time it is very rewarding and I am much more organized and at peace. I do understand that this is a process and learning takes time so I intend to continue working on this.

Good news today, Holly found a good, safe place to live very near the University of Chicago! It's the kind of place where visitors must ring to be let in downstairs if the residents want them in. They can't just walk in the building without permission. It's fenced in and there are night patrols in the area. Her room is huge she says and she'll be sharing bathroom and kitchen but there is a fridge in her room for her own use. There is even wireless internet in the building! She's so relieved! Well, so am I.
Classes started today at the School of the Art Institute, it must be very exciting!

Ah, want to right more but must get the little guy ready for school. :-/

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