Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hump Day

Hump Day

Today is going to be an "out" day, lots of running around. It's fun to go pic up my newly framed artwork, I love seeing it all packaged under glass and clean white mats and all. Then there are other errands that must be taken care of today. After that I must be home to get Tanner off the bus and take him to Kung Fu lessons. So yep, out it will be.

It's still ugly and gray here, bad inversion that is hanging on and making many people feel depressed. Besides that we've had so little rain and snow that the ski resorts are only running a few of the chairs, not good. At least the roads are not slippery :-/

Talked to Holly last night and she and Elton are at the meltdown stage. She hasn't found a place to live, the library job at the school that she has applied for wants her to work way to many hours considering her class load and they only pay $6.75 an hour. Besides that when they went back to Elton's room at Shimer it was being torn up because of some water leaks so they had to stay in a dirty, room up a couple of flights of stairs. They are both tired and suffering from culture shock and stress. I wish there was someone who could take Holly in for a short time so she could take more time to look for a place without such stress. I know it will all work out soon but her classes start tomorrow!

Gotta run, the boys are getting restless!

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