Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I'm feeling bugged!

I'm feeling bugged!

Well actually it's just the drawing for today that's bugged. Cute?

Holly and I had a lovely time yesterday! I'll be getting back to all of you that wrote kind things to me yesterday, but not this morning. This is my first chance to get on the computer since yesterday and I'm rushing because I have to take Tanner to doc this morning.

He's had a cough but it got worse and we were up for hours in the night. Maybe the doc will have a more effective medicine for us. At least it's not after hours and I can get in to the regular pediatrician. Tanner is the kind of kid that doesn't get sick often so it's a big deal that he's missing some school today. And he's not really sick other than the cough.

So, although I'd love to spend some time checking in on all of you, I'll be out for a while with the little guy.


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