Saturday, January 22, 2005

More Seasons

More Seasons

I hate it when I do a drawing that I feel is just not successful, that's how I feel about today's drawing. It was one of my attempts at doing the seasons but I didn't even carry it as far as I usually do because I didn't like it. Oh well.

I've been feeling a bit blue and uninspired to do anything these last few days. I know it's adjustment from the build up to Holly leaving and then her absence. I know that it is a part of making changes, I just hope I can be more productive today.
I'll be taking paintings to Drop Leaf Gallery (part of Rembrandt's Coffee House) tomorrow- that's fun for me.
I'm taking 5 pieces that are part of my "Mother's Heart" series. It's a series that I did that's about the tougher side of being a mom/parent and I used funny birds as the characters in the paintings.
Here is an example:



Watercolor and colored pencil on #140 lb arches cold pressed paper
the size is maybe 16 x 20 inches?

This one is about Tanner, how I've felt about raising him at times. (the painting was done before we had legal guardianship) I adore him but yes, it's taken some adjustment to be raising a grandchild.

Anyway, each of the paintings that will go to the gallery this weekend has funny birds in them. They haven't been seen by very many people so it will be fun to see how they go over.

I'm so glad the creepy fog has lifted a little, it's so depressing.

Oh and I wanted to say that Holly and Elton are there in Chicago now, I guess it didn't start snowing until they were there, isn't that cool! Last night she said she had a horrible, sinking feeling when she realized she was there but didn't have a home. I told her to be calm and just start making a list of what she needs and then go out looking at places, it will all work out. I'm sure they'll be getting lots done today.


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