Thursday, January 06, 2005

Promotion of Art, yippee!

Promotion of Art, yippee!

Yesterday seemed like such a wash, by the time I had taken Tanner to the doctor, waited quite a long time for the appointment, gone to pharmacy to get prescriptions, waited for those and then had lunch with Paul, the day was half spent :-/ Besides, I'd had so little sleep that I couldn't think clearly. I decided to give in and just have a day that was fairly relaxed.

Tanner went back to school today, he's on antibiotics and cough med with codeine before bed, I think he's doing pretty well now that his cough isn't keeping him up during the night. The weird thing is, he's not sick in any way besides the cough.

The Drop Leaf Gallery (at Rembrandt's) is wanting some work from me for a special "Last Thursday" event this month! I have a show in February but they are wanting to promote my work along with a sculptors work for this event isn't that great! This gallery is actually promoting me, I feel rather amazed and excited. It will be getting me off my bum for sure.

I'll be taking some stuff in to be framed real soon here, in preparation for the February show (scraping up cash will be a bit difficult) and using work that's already framed for the event this month. This is going to be a wonderful event and there is even going to be a speaker talking about art to the public, I'm just so amazed and happy about it!

Well, it's time for Paul and I to go for our walk, it's very cold (about 20 degrees) so we are going to bundle up and take off.
See ya later!


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