Saturday, January 01, 2005

The road ahead

The road ahead

I guess it's self explanatory today huh?

Happy New Year to all my Live Journal Friends!!!!

We went to a fun party last night. As I mentioned before, it was a tamale making party and boy did they make tamales, over 300 tamales, some chicken, some beef and some pork. I had never had a tamale that was so fresh, they are really, really good. We also visited and played games which was fun. There was just one other little boy there who is just Tanner's age, they played and played and ate tons of candy. At midnight we made a huge mess with party poppers and confetti in our friends living room and then went outside to do some fireworks. Tanner and his friend Judah thought the fireworks were the best part of the night. We came home with a bag of tamales, fudge and a bouquet of flowers! It was really a fun new years party!

This morning we slept in because we used Tivo to record the Rose Parade, then I got up and made my annual orange rolls which turned out great like they always do.
It's 1:00 pm and it seems like it should be around 10 in the morning, we are just not in a hurry to do anything today.

So that's it, the holidays are over and I am ready to get back to the daily grind.
I hope all of you had a wonderful time last night doing exactly what you wanted to do and enjoying yourself as you ushered in 2005!


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