Sunday, January 02, 2005

What New Years Day was like

What New Years Day was like

Good Morning!

It's snowing! I love snow so much. It snowed some yesterday but didn't stay on the ground, maybe today it will accumulate and Tanner and I can build a snowman, we'd both love that.

Yesterday was nice, the whole family was here most of the day, Of course we watched the Rose Parade and it was wonderful. Dan and Tanner and practiced roping the dummy (steer head with horns on a bail of hay) and recording it so they can see what they are doing wrong. They have fun doing that so they spent a long time messing around that way. Holly was sorting and packing stuff to take to Chicago, Paul did a little roping and lot of T.V. and I did quite a bit of food prep and drawing. Last night we watched part of the extra stuff on the extended version of Return of the King.
My favorite part of watching that is seeing all of the drawings that were used, in fact I am looking forward to watching it again so I can see all the beautiful sketches over and over. I think Allen Lee is a genius!
Today the guys are going roping so I am hoping to have some precious alone time later.
Cya, gotta go feed the people.


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