Monday, February 07, 2005

Alarms in the night!

Alarms in the night!

Last night after we were sound asleep the smoke alarm in our bedroom went off, talk about scare people! It was so horrible and disturbing, so Paul gets up to see if there may be a fire anywhere (none of the other alarms went off) but there's no fire. We go back to bed and of course it's not easy to get back to sleep and then it happens again so he got up and disconnected it. Tanner never woke up but although I had given him cough medicine before he went to bed, he started coughing bad again. Poor kid. So I got up and gave him a second dose and went back to bed but he coughed for a long time anyway. I got up and took some Tylenol PM and sent Paul downstairs and finally went to sleep around 2:30 or so. Tanner started coughing again at 6:30, so I'm not very well rested today.
I can't believe it, just as I was typing the above words the smoke alarm here in the office went off also!!!! My heart races because it scares me so bad when that happens!
Bleh, we've got to figure out what's going on! There is no sign of smoke in our house or outside, but something is causing the alarms to go off.

We've already walked this morning, it was sunny and crisp, just the way we like it.

I've been working on my workshop plans, writing some stuff and trying to organize myself. Hopefully I will be productive today.

I have a huge batch of chalupa cooking in my turkey roaster and it smells so terrific. So far it's 5 lbs black beans, a whole globe of garlic chopped up and a large pork roast simmering nicely all together. Later I'll add more seasonings and shred the roast and let it continue to cook. We'll have Chalupa for dinner tonight and I'll be putting lots of it in the freezer for future meals. It's so handy and can be served many different ways. Tonight it will be served over Fritos with cheese, salsa, olives, green onions and sour cream on top.

Ok, gotta run and keep things going for the day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog often andenjoy your art work, but your entry today was "alarming". I had a friend who had the same thing happen for two days and finally called the fire dept. Theyopened the door to her attic and the entire thing burst into flames. It turns out there was an electrical fire in the beams of the roof, generating just enough smoke to set off the alarms sporadically, but nenough for anyone to really see or smell the smoke. When the fir Dept came out they had some sort of very sensitive smoke detector or temperature detector that located the problem in the attic. As they were prepared when everything burst into flame, there as no real damage other than the fact they had to chop out the smoldering beam and that needed to be replaced. Please call your fire Dept. and tell tehm what is happening.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll pray for your mother, and also that those alarms have no reason to be going off.

Also, I have all the ingreds for chalupa, so that's what we'll have for our Sunday night dinner! I'm hungry now!-- Lori (moi)

12:38 PM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Lori, thanks for the prayers for my mom. She was stable when I left her and has a nuclear stress test tomorrow. It was a bad episode, she thought she was going to die.

If you would like the whole recipe for Chalupa I would be happy to post it. Maybe you already have it?

3:50 PM  

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