Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Analog Drawing and Little Diamonds in the Morning

Analog Drawing and Lttle Diamonds in the Morning

My drawing today is taken from an analog drawing I did as an exercise from my book that I've been referring to lately. (Drawing on the Artist Within, by Betty Edwards) It's the "personal problem" one and the idea is that our right brain mode can explore and help us solve problems in a non verbal way and then we can get insight by analyzing the results and tag the drawing with words using the left brain mode and thus use this method to help solve problems. It's more complicated than that but that's a quick explanation. Anyway I liked the analog drawing (done quickly in graphite) and decided to add color and develop an abstract composition from it.

Go ahead and "read" the problem if you can.

It will be late this evening before I find out if the workshop is a go or not, I hate this waiting. If I were an experienced teacher I'm sure it would be not big deal but as it is I will have lots to do if I find out it's still a go. Oh well.

Paul and I walked this morning and it was very cold but beautiful because it looked like little diamonds had been sprinkled on everything because of the frost and the bright sun. It was only 16 degrees but we didn't mind, we just bundle up and go and it's a great start to the day.

Well, that's it, I've got things to do and want to have the afternoon free to...... DRAW! surprised?


Blogger Deirdre said...

Hello, Sheila! I want to try "reading" your analog. (I've got a copy of "Drawing on the Artist Within" too - it's really interesting, isn't it?)

Here we go:
The small circles at top and bottom remind me of soil, and suggest something stable and ongoing. The jagged triangles in the middle suggest change or upheaval, and the red “linings” (plus the outer coverings of the lower small circles) make me think of strong feelings, gradually easing (as you travel upwards and get past those unheavals) into passionate but calm pinks. The three smaller triangles in the middle pointing down suggest problems or a negative force pressing down on your moods, gradually increasing in strength of emotion as they get lower (black/white > blue > pink). That sky-blue square is interesting - it looks like a window onto new beginnings, or just a view into another place: maybe a new perspective? But it’s also picking up the same blue from something in your present or past (in the lower circles) - something good in your present you can expand on, maybe? And below those little blue circles there are black/white ones, echoing that upper middle triangle which points down. I think this is suggesting you could move through that emotional pink and back to the more intellectual black/white, and from there into the new day of sky-blue. And this is echoed by yellow - at the start (left-hand side) and then again, after the middle traumas, at the conclusion, where it’s much more pronounced and celebratory (though with a realistic nod to the shadows of life in that darkness near the bottom). The most interesting parts, I think, are the curving rope-like thing above the triangles/below the upper circles, and the little squares outside the main shape on the left and right, linked across the top of the triangles. I read this as you starting with something, moving across those traumas or problems - up and down though they might be - and coming out on the other side in a better position, free of all colour and ready to take on a new life, unhindered. A positive and uplifting portrait, altogether. The only thing that seems disturbing is that rounded bluish shape in the lower middle - it looks like a problem that just sits there, not going anywhere, like a stone that weighs you down in some way, and is generally calm but has momentary flare-ups of that pink emotion.
I’ve rambled on here for ages, but it was fun. Hope you don’t mind. :)

8:26 AM  

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