Sunday, February 27, 2005

Icky Drawing Work Day

Icky Drawing Work Day

Today's drawing is a quickie done with colored pencil, I don't like it at all but since it's a daily drawing I am sharing. Oh well.

Yesterday I had a nice time shopping and going out to lunch with my mom. We spent ages looking at purses, it is amazing to me, someone who doesn't even shop on line much to see the crraaazyy colors that women's handbags are in this year. Eek, I would feel like I needed a different color for every outfit. Well, I know some say that it's not important to match but I like to match in that way. So we looked and looked, picked out some darling ones and carried them around for a while but in the end neither of us bought one. It was fun to look though!

Today I am working on my workshop stuff again, it's this week and I'm almost ready. Well, it's already 1:30 and I haven't gotten started yet, but I'm getting ready to anyway.

So, I'd better get going, I want to be finished early so I can do some other stuff too.
Hope you all are enjoying a relaxing Sunday.


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