Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Just stuff

Just stuff

Today's drawing is a poor representation of my son Daniel. The 18th was his 28th birthday, I got him a great sofa for his apartment and got to surprise him with it, he's tickled! We also took him out to a nice dinner. Later in the evening I did this drawing and I wasn't looking at him or a picture of him so it's really just a symbol. He does have a mustache and he wears a cap a lot.

Today is my Monday since Tanner had no school yesterday. He and I both got hair cuts yesterday and did a wee bit of running around to keep ourselves occupied, it was a pretty nice day. I also dropped stuff off at Drop Leaf Gallery so they can get it hung before Thursday night's "Last Thursday" event. I will be set up and painting in the gallery that night- bleh.
So today I've got lots of stuff to get done, working on Workshop stuff as well as some extra stuff that must be done for the gallery. I'm happy to be home working without (much) interruption. (Paul and I are here in the same office) At least there's no question about what I need to get done today. Still feeling a bit blue, I think it is a multi faceted depression, still adjusting to my Holly being in Chicago, gray depressing weather and hormonal stuff. This too shall pass and I'm not letting it slow me down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sheila!

I can't believe you've got a twenty-eight year old. I love portraits from the mind.


2:22 PM  

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