Friday, February 11, 2005

Prancing Rooster, Deeper Meanings and Sleepless Nights

Prancing Rooster, Deeper Meanings and Sleepless Nights

I almost always do the illo Friday theme more than once, and today's drawing is the second try at Year of the Rooster. I think he looks like he's prancing or strutting. Typical male!

Today I'm wiped out because I didn't sleep well. I had a disturbing conversation on the phone which got me all wired and anything but sleepy (all turned out ok though) and a couple of weird phone calls in the night (Paul's phone vibrating on the nightstand) his office is somehow sending calls through his phone that make it vibrate (the ring is turned off at night) and it's loud against the wood of the nightstand. Then Tanner was coughing at 6 am. Bleh. I will probably require a nap today.

The good thing is that I will be able to nap today, I can stay home all day and don't have to go teach art at T-boy's school because they are having a talent show instead today.

I'm still reading Drawing From the Artist Within, by Betty Edwards, it is fascinating. This morning I did an exercise from the book that involved making "marks" with graphite which are to be how I would draw (without symbols of any kind) 8 different concepts like, Anger, Joy, Peacefulness, Femininity, illness, depression, human energy and so on. I was to make the marks in 8 rectangles on a sheet of paper each labeled with a different concept but I was not to look ahead in the book at the marks that others had made for these concepts. It is pretty amazing how similar my marks were to other peoples marks for anger etc. When I looked at the way other people had drawn out marks for the concepts it made me realize why so many of my drawings are interpreted as joyful, the kind of line that I generally use (which seems very natural to me) is the curvy, common way that is interpreted by most people as joyful. Maybe ridiculously so in the case of my work. I'm sure the way I look at art is forever changed by the exercise that I did this morning. I'm not saying I wasn't aware of this at all before, it's just a lot more clear to me now. It's not exactly that simple either, there is much more to be learned I'm only in the second chapter of the book.

I had an interesting experience along these lines a couple of weeks ago when I brought my newly framed abstracts home. I had painted this series of abstracts about a year and a half ago and thoroughly enjoyed the projects. They are done with acrylic on paper and they were painted intuitively. I knew when I painted them that there was a deeper meaning than just painting a pretty picture with nice colors, I could tell by the way it made me feel as I painted and solved problems and worked out the designs etc. I entered a couple in shows, they won awards, I've had a couple hanging in my living room and looked at them almost every day and several of them had been put away in my storage room until I could afford to frame them. As I was looking at the newly framed ones the meaning behind the work was suddenly clear, here is one of them to show you what I was looking at: The title is "Grid": (I know many of you have seen this one before)

What occurred to me was that I was attempting to organize chaos. First I saw it in the painting and then as I thought about it I realized that this was a natural thing to do, at the time I painted this series I felt like many things in my life were in chaos and I was struggling to make sense and order out of it. I know that some people determine the concept that they want to express first (sometimes I do that too) and then paint it. In my case there are many times when I paint first and then realize what it is I was trying to say. I also think that in this particular series it is apparent that my art is my joy and sense of accomplishment in spite of the struggles that exist.

So there you go, I'm not sure I'm making myself understood but at any rate that's what I had to say this morning.


Blogger happy d said...

wow! that's a really nice painting. i really like the textures!

3:33 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Wow... beautiful work. I really like your second Illo Friday as well.

6:17 AM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Thanks Lisa. I guess my illo Friday projects are my favorite on line projects lately. I appreciate the comments, you made my day!

9:13 AM  

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