Thursday, February 03, 2005

Turkey, Kung Fu and Art Business

Turkey, Kung Fu and Art Business
Update: This is actually yesterday's post (2/2) my internet access was down all day yesterday so I couldn't get this up until this morning. Just thought you should know.

It's been a busy morning already, whew. But not bad as days go.
Right now my house smells like turkey dinner because I've got giblets on the stove for putting in the stuffing I'm making. I'm cooking a small turkey for dinner tonight, it was given to us at the holidays and since we have a few in the freezer I thought it best not to waste them. It sure is hard to diet when the house smells so good, keeps me thinking of food :-/

I got a bunch done on my planning for my workshop yesterday thanks to my friend Kathy who helped. She's the president of Idaho Watercolor Society and seemed to know just how to get an outline going and help me. I'm starting to look forward to doing this which is a change for me, I've been asked many times to teach but always been afraid to try.

Today I'm meeting with the main guy, Ryan, from Drop Leaf Gallery and hopefully we can get a few things ironed out and I can find out when the abstract show will be hung.

So, it's just a busy business kind of day with a little Kung Fu and turkey thrown in!


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