Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Update about Holly, Peace, Etc.

Update about Holly, Peace, Etc.

Good Morning!

It's another one of those cold, crisp but sunny mornings here in Idaho, the frost glittering and flashing fire as we walked past made us smile.

Yesterday was one of those rare, extremely peaceful days that I cherish. It's actually possible that today will be a repeat :-D

Holly update:
Things are going quite well at this point and she seems to be adjusting nicely. In fact she has found that for people with disabilities there is much more help there in Chicago than there was in our area, this is a HUGE deal. Also, she was able to drop one of her studio classes and free up a day that she can use for homework in her other classes. She has a job at the library at the school and that seems to be going well and she also got high speed internet access right in her own apartment for free! She was posting a sign in her building that she would be happy to pay someone to let her on with them and right at that moment a lady came in and read her notice and said "here's my password, go ahead and use it, you don't have to pay me anything." There have been many wonderful "blessings" and I really believe they are blessings, that have come Holly's way and she if so thankful!

Right now I've been on the phone with my sister who called this morning, she's trying to schedule a visit for March! This will be fun and I will look forward to it.

So that day is starting out well and now I'm off to work on some art related stuff as well as looking for a good air fare to go see Holly.


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