Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fw: The Letter "N"

Fw: The Letter "N"

This would be my Mom's letter because her name is Netta- well of course it's other people's letter too!

Paul and I had a great walk on the greenbelt along the Boise River today, it was sunny and nice we didn't even need coats. We also had breakfast at a great bagel bakery and then did a few errands. It was such a pleasant morning.

As we were driving home I had him stop at a salon that I had been told was a good place to have my hair colored and I made an appointment for Monday. When we got home there was a message that they had a cancellation and I could come in today!!!! I'm so excited.
I wore my hair in a very short (nifty and artistic) crew cut for 15 years and finally decided to grow it out several months ago. My natural color is ash brown, very ash and now I have quite a bit of gray (I like to call it silver). It is so mousy. I had hoped that it would be pretty but it's not so I'm going to have a weave, it will include some beige blond and probably some warmer brown. I'm not sure yet. Anyway I'm really happy that I can get it done today. I had Paul take a picture of my current color so I can show you before and afters later.

In other news, I found a book at the library about graphic art and it has some wonderful exercises for inspiring creativity, I want to start trying some of them in my sketchbook just for fun. I'm also thinking about doing the drawing challenges along with the other artists that are part of the Everyday Matter's group. And, I'm taking my sketchbook to the salon with me today so I can draw while color processes on my hair. I know yesterday I was talking about not doing daily drawings, and I don't think I'll hold myself to it any more, but there are lots of reasons to draw even if it's not daily!

I'll be taking Tanner to a birthday party this evening and have to get a gift before my appointment.
Ok, gotta run for now.


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