Thursday, March 17, 2005

Fw: A Plan and Raspberries to Mom

Fw: A Plan and Raspberries to Mom

I've goofed off on the computer all morning, so much for making a great plan of accomplishment for the day. Well, I have decided to do something fun instead and it will be good for me. I am going to meet farmerjulie at Rembrandt's in a while. I go out with friends so rarely that it's kind of pathetic, this will be fun.

Did any of you notice that one person made a comment in today's daily drawing post that maybe I should get my hair cut real short and that would perk me up? Well, that is my mom's little comment. She knows I'm suffering and looking pretty frumpy with my hair at this stage of the growing out process so she's trying to temp me. She's being a little devil on one shoulder and she knows it. However,(hands on hips, lower lip stuck out) I'm not giving in and someday my hair will be grown out and pretty and I will give her the raspberries (respectfully of course). ;-)

On second thought......Mom I love you but.....

Hah, that was fun I hope mom comes by again today :-D (Mom, you do know I'm kidding huh?)

Update- I had a nice time with farmerjulie and now I'm home again waiting for T-boy to come home from school.


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