Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The letter "J"

The letter "J"

I like this little drawing, I've been having fun with the letters and it's a good time to be doing them because they are a little quicker to do and I've been a bit short on time these days.

Yesterday was so frustrating, we couldn't get on the internet for a good part of the day and of course that means there are plenty of things I can't get done. It seems to be a problem with the router and I don't know how to fix it, right now I've bypassed the router and so Paul's computer is not on line which of course is a major problem for him also. I've called a tech guy but he hasn't called back yet. Anyway Paul went to his office to work today and I'm on line for now so it's alright currently.

I got all of the stuff done for delivery to the gallery this morning so I'm all set to go soon.

It is unseasonably warm here, in the 60's yesterday and today is supposed to be 67! This is not good for country that is in a drought but it sure is pleasant to be outside. Lots of people are working in their yards, getting everything all spiffy, I don't feel ready for that but I may have to do it because things are growing and they don't wait. I may even get to have lunch on the deck today, sounds nice.


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