Monday, March 07, 2005



Well, the hand drawing that I painted a couple of weeks ago was "scissors" and so this one is "rock" and later I will do paper. Rock, Scissors, Paper- get it?

I'm feeling kind of cranky today, I know why, it's because my house needs some attention but I can't work on it. I've been letting things go because I've been busy with other stuff but eventually it gets to me. Today I must get everything ready for my March show at Drop Leaf Gallery because I have to deliver it all tomorrow morning. It's also a Kung Fu day so all work will stop at 3:45 so I can take Tanner to his lesson. I guess I'm feeling pressure to get lots of stuff done because I'll be going to Chicago later in the month. Oh well, the housework will wait won't it? Never mind that the dust bunnies are multiplying as I type.

Talked to Holly last night and she said that her life mainly consists of doing homework and working at the library at school. Her boyfriend, Elton, is there with her this week so she is more content and they do homework together. She sounded good, I'm looking forward to seeing her!


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