Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday and the Letter "I"

Sunday and the Letter "I"

Today Tanner decided to stay home and not go to the roping with the guys, so he's out "hunting" with his bow and arrows. He has this big bear hide quiver on his back and it's pretty cute seeing him out there on the hill looking for "varmints".

Today's drawing was done with colored pencil instead of marker. I like it but I don't like the fact that colored pencil can smear a little so I will be doing most of my daily drawings with markers as usual.

I need to do housework today but I just can't make myself do it. Every feel like that? I know it would be best and yet every atom in my being says no, not today.
So I'm obeying my atoms, I guess I'll do it tomorrow :-/

I think I'll just do what I want and not worry about it, don't even know what I want to do either.


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