Sunday, April 17, 2005

Back to the daily drawings

Back to the daily drawings

Yesterday it was sunny and we did the spraying, today it rained which is just what the chemicals needed. We use pre-emergent and it has to be watered in, we are so happy about the rain. Also, it's clearing off in time for Paul to go roping :-D

My plan is to get going on some of the housework so tomorrow when the supplies I ordered for printing are here (hope) then I can begin my project. I'm so anxious to try it that it just kills me to wait. In reality it's a good thing that I can't do it today, it leaves no excuse for doing other work :-/

Today I want to sit down and read The Art Spirit by Robert Henri, I want to draw, I want to work on linoleum cuts, I want my housework done, I want the laundry done, I want to get the pots on my deck ready to plant with pretty flowers, I want to take all my houseplants out on the deck and hose them off and feed them, I want to mess around on the computer......... Ah, there are just not enough hours in the day! I am never, ever bored.


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