Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bird Print Plan and Planning a Lesson

Bird Print Plan and Planning a Lesson

This is the design for my bird as I first did it in my sketchbook. Of course it turned out to be so different with the values changed and colors added and all, but the basic design stayed the same. I actually drew the flower of life pattern and then glued the bird and branches on top. Lately I've been using my sketchbook more for planning other projects. It's such a great tool to have a sketchbook to work in!

It's a dazzlingly gorgeous day out today, bright sun in a clear sky and lots of green grasses on the hills. The Bitter Brush is in full bloom and I am going to try and get a good picture later. Remember I live in the high desert in Idaho, we don't have green grass for long each year and we are in a drought now so we are really paying attention to the current beauty because it won't last.

However, I will be inside most of the day, there are some things I want to finish up in the housework department and then I want to get serious about my next print which is another candidate for this years Christmas card. When my sister gets here (Saturday) we are going to work on lino cuts for a couple of days and I want to know for sure what my project will be. I am going to be teaching her to do this and I want to be organized so it's a very clear lesson and she enjoys the experience.

Ok, gotta go, hope you guys are having a wonderful day :-D


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