Friday, April 22, 2005

Blue Nosed Santa with 4 colors

Blue Nosed Santa with 4 colors

Here you can see that the registration is off, I don't mind it being off a little, in fact I like it. The first one, last post was done with 3 colors and this one has four. I think the next one I do will not have more than 4 colors, this was hard enough. Also, I will be letting each layer dry in between printings on the next one. This time I just went ahead and printed because I was in a hurry but I know that causes some problems. Also, next time I don't want all the messy stuff printed outside the image.

Of 16 prints I think there are only 1/2 a dozen that I would actually use and since I'm not really happy with my colors I won't be using any of these I don't think. It was a trial run and that's it.

Ok, that's it.


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