Monday, April 18, 2005

Cool Cat- daily drawing

Cool Cat- daily drawing

Good morning Peeps! Today's drawing was done in Chicago while I was visiting Holly. We were in a grocery store in the Hyde Park area and I saw this guy in there. He was different than any man I'd ever seen before because his hair was curled up in this little, tight, "sausage roll". He wore all black, trench coat, hat, pants shoes, everything black besides his shirt. Holly said he is a jazz musician, a "Cool Cat". He made such an impression on me with his droopy face and his sausage roll hair that I just had to draw him. Holly said it's amazing how much this little drawing looks like him even though I did it later just based on my impression. I just made his clothes gray because I've not mastered working with the black marker yet. I would love to see him playing jazz. His hair was actually gray but had yellowed so it looked a bit blond, I don't have a marker that would make the right color. A very colorful character the likes of which we don't see in our area.


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