Sunday, April 10, 2005

Curves and Angles- show piece and Busy Sunday

Curves and Angles- show piece and Busy Sunday

Another of the 12" square mosaics included in the current show, Curves and Angles is the title.

Yesterday was another of those busy days, like most days I guess. I went to Tanner's baseball practice at 9:00 a.m. and it was so nice, it was a beautiful, sunny, crisp morning with great fluffy clouds drifting past and warm sun on the back. Tanner is a pretty good little ball player and really had fun while his mom and I watched and visited.

After that I went to the art supply store for a few more lino cut supplies (I'm getting hooked). Took myself out to Taco Hell and then to the library for a book about what else? Lino Cuts! Then home to work on my latest one. Woo Hoo, this is fun.

At 3:30 I was across town again picking Tanner up from his mom's and the two of us then went to the arena at the Idaho Center to watch Paul team rope. Then to the school for the annual school carnival and finally home again to watch the boob tube and draw. Whew, I realize now that yesterday was quite a busy day.

Today we've been to church which was really inspiring and enjoyable and now we are home again to work on stuff that needs done here.

What I really want to do is ignore everything but working on a lino cut, drat, impossible to ignore the mess piling up around here. Heck, even my houseplants are suffering. I've been so busy all week that I haven't even called my mom or my sister which is making me feel guilty. I suspect that they have decided to hold out and not call me since I haven't called them. I don't blame them at all though.

Ok, I'm trying to say it all and make it quick because I want to get stuff done today- we have Paul's folks coming sometime this week, EEK! I like to have things in order when I'm having guests.

So, I'm outta here to get things done!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila
Gorgeous, I love your mosaics, could you tell us how you accomplish these beautiful works?
I am afraid I know almost nothing about mosaics. All I gotta say is wow, so impressive!

i guess i'd have to try it with colored paper and glue first, on second thought it is above me right now! patty

9:38 AM  

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