Thursday, April 07, 2005

Eye of the Muse- Show Piece

Eye of the Muse- Show Piece

I had 3 pastel pieces in my show, this is titled Eye of the Muse. It's soft pastel and the size is apx. 26" x 19" The paper is sort of a medium gray. I think this piece would make a great mosaic, in fact I did a small mosaic of a section of it, I'll show that in another post.

Yesterday was a nice day, I had a great meeting with the Drop Leaf Gallery director- he made some wonderful proposals and had great ideas for promoting my work. I feel so blessed to be associated with these people.
After that I went to the Boise Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition (Boise State University) which was interesting. The friend who sent me the invitation is an excellent print maker and her work was really nice.

After that I went to our local art supply which is one of those places that is so inspiring, it's crammed full of all the cool stuff we need to work in any medium, smells good and stimulates the creative juices. I only bought a small linoleum block and some ink, some pens and paper to print the block. I wanted more stuff but forced myself to be realistic about what I can use right now. I did a little lino cut while I was with Holly and I need to see how it looks printed, I'm also working on a plan for another one just for fun.

I also spent some time with a close friend and framer, got Tanner some new jeans and then it was time to come home to get the little stinker and go to Kung Fu lessons.

There was more to the evening but I won't bore you with further details. Aren't I nice?

Anyway, we were going to work on finishing the tax preparation last night but it turned out we couldn't get on line so now it is still hanging over our heads for tonight. Boo. I'll be so glad to get that monkey off my back.

So, today I'm staying home and among other things I plan to try printing my little lino cut and see how it turned out.

I think I'll actually have time to stop in and check on you guys today too :-D


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