Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hump Day, Show Piece, blah, blah

Hump Day, Show Piece, blah, blah

Another painting from my show, this is titled Convoluted Mother Board, it's acrylic on Arches #140 paper and the size is 21" x 29" (unframed)

Today I've got a meeting with the Drop Leaf Gallery director and then I'm going to Boise State University to see a student art show of some of Holly's friends.
It's supposed to be 74 degrees, a nice day to be out and about.

Tanner has 2 days of Kung Fu and 2 days of baseball now. I'm not thrilled but the Kung Fu lessons are kind of spendy and we signed a 1 year contract so even if he doesn't go we still pay and Baseball is a thrill to him. I knew last year that this would be a bit of a pain at this time but did it anyway so I guess now I'm paying the piper so to speak. So there I am 4 days a week watching sports, hmm.....

I got way behind on keeping up with you guys yesterday :-( Boo.

Alrighty I'm dashing outa here....


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