Friday, April 15, 2005

Imagining Harmony- Show piece

Imagining Harmony- Show piece

I think I've shown you this one before but it is part of the show so I'm including it too. It's title is Imagining Harmony, it's acrylic on Arches #140 paper and the size is apx. 21" x 29" (unframed)

I love this painting and miss having it in my home.

Yesterday I worked on the design for the lino cut and really enjoyed myself. It's all ready, I'm just waiting for some lino blocks that I ordered from Dick Blick to arrive so I can start carving. This time I'm going to try a reduction so it will be more complicated and since I'll be using different colors I will be dealing with registry for the first time.
Sure hope it comes out nice. What fun it is to learn something new :-D

Today however, will be a day out running around, I've got a meeting with the Gallery guys and have other errands to do. In fact if I don't get going I can't get it all done before time for T-boy to get off the bus.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful, creative day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the colors are great in this piece
is there some mono printing in it?
it looks as though there maybe...

i can see why you'd miss it
have a great weekend

3:33 PM  
Blogger Sheila Hudson said...

Hi Patty,
Thank you. Well, if using bubble wrap to get some of the texture is mono printing then yes. I'm not sure if that qualifies or not.
I've got all my strongest work at the show and now my walls seem like they are needing more. I've hung other work in place of the abstracts but its whimsical stuff and not as dynamic.

1:28 PM  

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