Saturday, April 16, 2005

Last show piece and a big disappointment

Last show piece and a big disappointment

This is the last piece, it's a mosaic the same size as the others 12" square. Tomorrow I'll start showing daily drawings again.

So what is the big disappointment? Well, I worked my butt off today, 5 hours spraying weeds, tramping all over our 10 acres and guess what? My butt is still there, right behind me. Bummer.

The weed spraying is why I'm so late on posting too, it's a yucky job especially because we were so late that a lot of weeds had already come up and were flourishing happily. Besides that, something went wrong with a valve in our water system and we don't have any water today. We had to use our neighbors water for the chemicals to spray and we just had to "wipe down" afterwards until it gets fixed. There is a guy working on it now, I sure hope it doesn't take long or cost much.

The drawing I'm working on now is an idea for a book plate, I'd like to do some as lino cuts.

So, that's all I have to report for now, there is a lot I can't do today because of the water being off. At least the computer is connecting to the internet and I can check in on my LJ friends.


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