Tuesday, April 19, 2005

No News

No News

I like today's little drawing and I always have fun with the abstract ones.

The drawing I do tonight is the last page in my current sketchbook so today I have to go get a new one, I'm really getting a stack of sketchbooks that are full of drawings since I began my daily drawing project in early 2004. If I never do anything else with them they are at least a source of inspiration. Currently I've been messing around with designs that may become lino cuts for Christmas cards, don't know if any will actually become a card but at least I've got something to work on.

My plan is to do just a couple more lino cuts and then get started on a new series of abstract acrylic paintings. My sister is coming to visit on the 30th and we are going to do lino cuts together and that will probably be the last for me for a while anyway. My sister and I used to shop and run around town all the time when she came to visit and it wasn't nearly as much fun as what we do now. Having a nice project do do gives us a better quality of time to talk and also makes us feel productive, we have lots of fun. We've done mosaics together the last few times she's come, this will be a nice change and a lot less time consuming.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my print supplies will come today, I'm going out for a while and hopefully they will be here when I get back! Tomorrow is another day out so now I know it will be Thursday before I can actually get to the project, boo.

I'm not bored but this post sure is, sorry. I think I need to do more reading and deep thinking these days, geesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi - thanks for the note on my blog
you are right blogger is having issues, thanks for the notice...

lino cuts here have been great, that is next on my list... i did one as a kid and it was neat!

still want to hear more about mosaics! be well and take care, patty

3:21 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Sheila, I couldn't believe it when I saw your comment on my blog! You have no idea how thrilled I was... my actual thought was "OMG! a REAL artist who I totally admire actually wrote to ME!"
Yeah, I'm a "Sheila Groupie"! Ha ha!
Actually it was a little embarassing that you had to read my whiny entry. I really don't want to be whiny at all, it's just, well, YOU KNOW!
I doodled a lot today and I'm getting out of my little slump. I hope to post for IF this week.
Thanks again for your comments. It really was a boost for me!! Carolyn

5:35 PM  

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