Monday, April 04, 2005

Show Art- Monday Madness

Show Art- Monday Madness

Another of my show pieces, this is a collage with ink, acrylic and gesso. The size is apx. 18" x 18" (unframed)

I've already been on tech help this morning, GRRRR, my computer has been fine but Paul's has not been on line for days so that HAD to be fixed. Nothing is more frustrating than having to mess with that kind of stuff first thing in the morning. Oh well, all fixed now and hey it only cost another $25 bucks :-/

Yesterday was one of those days that seemed to last forever, I just hung out here at home trying to get over this cold. I am feeling better today.
Paul and I never got finished with the tax preparation before I left for Chicago so we will have to do that right away, probably tonight. Also, for the first time in the 6 1/2 years we've lived here we are behind on the weed spraying, it has rained recently and there are huge weeds everywhere. That is a big project for this week if the weather allows. It looks like the week will be ruled by the tyranny of the urgent.

I guess you've noticed that I have not been showing daily drawings? Well, that's because I've gotten a bit behind on that project. I am replacing the dailies with work from my show so you guys can see the body of work ok? I have actually been drawing but doing this is giving me some breathing room. Paul's parents are supposed to be visiting in a week or so and other things in life may interfere with my drawing so I am trying to get some done ahead.

Ok, I'm ready to move along with the day, lots to do, lots I want to do and never a minute to lose right?


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