Monday, April 18, 2005

Using Dad's Tools

Using Dad's Tools

After my dad died in 1995 I received this little set of Xacto tools that were his. He never did linoleum cuts, he did leather tooling and some wood working with them and he carved his name on the box and his initials on the inside. It gives me such pleasure to use these tools that he used, I'm so glad I have them. I hope I can give them to Holly some day. She'll cherish them as I do.

They probably still sell the same set, I've never looked. I don't really know exactly what some of the tools are used for, I'm using the gouges and handles and that's all.
My dad was a short man, just 5' 7" but he had been raised on a farm and did lots of hard work and milking of cows, I think that's why he had large hands, milking develops the muscles of the hands. Anyway he was a sheet metal guy too, and his hands were always brown and callused and had lots of cuts on them. I can still remember how skillfully he used those rough hands to make beautiful patterns in leather and he even crocheted. Well, he did a better job of leather work than crocheting. He crocheted an afghan while recovering from a broken leg when I was a kid. I don't even know who got all the leather working tools, my dad's wife wasn't a very nice person in the end and she did what she wanted with stuff. I'm so glad that I got this little set of tools.


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