Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Abstract Anyone?

Abstract Anyone?

I try to save the drawings I like best for Monday's and Tuesdays because those days seem like busier days for my LJ friends. Just thought you should know.

Yesterday we stayed home a worked in the studio. It's actually been a really frustrating time for me with my art, my lino cuts have been unsuccessful in my opinion. In fact, and I hate to admit this but it's true, I did another one with the words backwards. Bleh. I had just designed it right on the block with graphite and forgot again until I printed it that the words should be backward on the block. The first time I could laugh about it, this time I just feel really dorky and sad. I've been trying to get a bookplate that pleases me but it's not happening. I think I'll end up printing one from the computer that is originally done in my sketchbook.

Today we'll be going shopping because Sherry is going on a cruse at the end of the month and she needs some fun clothes for it. I'm not a shopper but for my sister I'm willing to go. She is a shopper and would do it for me. I do have a safety valve, I've got to back for Tanner at 4:00. ;-)

So that's it. I've not had any chance to check in on you guys so I'll just have to do that after Sherry has gone back to Washington. Hope all is well in LJ land!


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