Sunday, May 29, 2005

Alone time

Alone time

I did this pastel painting a couple of years ago and it makes me want to do more when I look at the soft edges and the textures.

I'm home alone today and it's what I need. Tanner and I both had a hard time yesterday in some ways. He could not settle to play by himself and his friends were not available. Since he couldn't settle I didn't get any peace, he wanted me to play with him. I wasn't in the mood to play so it was just an uncomfortable afternoon.

Today Tanner is with Dan and Paul has gone roping. I'm going to go to an Iris garden just to enjoy the beauty, I'm sure the iris are at their peak right now.

Besides that I want to do more reading about illustrating children's books and putter around the house some. Later I think I'll break out the margarita fixins and sip a cool one on the deck. Dan might be home to join me, dunno.

Holly said that she and Elton may not be back until Wednesday or Thursday- seems like forever to me today.

I'm going to try to get a few emails responded to and check in on you guys a bit today since there's some quiet time.


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