Thursday, May 12, 2005

Book Plate again

Book Plate again

this one was designed specifically for a lino cut and I really like it.

Went with Paul to take our beautiful filly to the vet this morning. She's not sick or anything, we just wanted to have her evaluated before we start spending money to have her trained. All is well, she'll go to a trainer soon. Then we went hand had Venti Iced Mochas at Starbucks which were so yummy! It's our anniversary today but we'll be going out tomorrow night when Dan has Tanner.

Today I'm taking another of the paintings to be scanned since it may be sold and we want the scan before it goes away. There is a chance that 2 of the originals are sold! We got that news while we were delivering the first 3 for scanning. If they are sold it will be my biggest sales ever, I've had enough experience that I'm not counting my chickens yet but I am keeping my fingers crossed.

So, again I've got to run- I seem to be on the road a lot lately.


Blogger Cin said...

I love bookplates !

8:16 AM  

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