Friday, May 13, 2005

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee is the oldest theme I've done with my art, I have a huge series called the "Joe" series, paintings and work in colored pencil as well as a mosaic or two. I used to sell lots of them. So, when I just go on "auto draw" I frequently do steaming coffee like I've done in the series. Just in case you wanted to know.

Yesterday I bought some new tools for carving linoleum. I stopped at a woodcrafting shop and learned some stuff about keeping the gouges sharp and I learned that the exacto ones that I've been using don't have very good metal so they don't hold an edge very well. I bought a fairly inexpensive set of tools and something to help keep them sharp.
I also went to the art supply and got some more linoleum blocks and some pastel paper.
Then I went to the nursery and bought some rose bushes to replace a couple that I lost and also a Bougainvillea (sp?) which will be on my deck this summer and then I'll bring it in the house when the weather gets too cool this fall.

So I just went around spending money yesterday and it was ok.

Today I have art class in Tanner's class and since it was supposed to be the other mom's turn and she can't make it I'm going to have to make a plan quick. Oh well.
So it's a typical busy day today. Tonight we are supposed to go out for our anniversary but Paul will be roping so it will probably be fairly late when he's available. I can see it being postponed.

Arg, what a boring post.... Sorry.

Gotta run and take the little guy to school.


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